About Us


Smile is the ultimate leisure-sport helmet that is designed to have you looking sleek and stylish while enjoying the activities you love!

Our helmets are designed in Paris France bringing the Euro-Luxe look to North American cities and into the recreational athlete and modern commuter’s lifestyles.
Our mission is to enhance your Smile while you enjoy the sports and activities that bring you the most happiness!
Remember, what leads your style is in your Smile, so why not look great while feeling great?!
Smile Helmet is a fun brand of leisure sport helmets offered primarily in Adult sizing however, select styles are available in Kids sizing!
We have prioritized the combining of elements of elegance and safety to keep you comfortable and secure no matter the activity.
Our helmets function best for casual sport like recreational biking, skateboarding, rollerskating, rent-a-bike / CityBike, and electric scooter rentals. We do not recommend our helmets for extreme sport or activity.
As a brand we look at the value of our product and the market it pretains to and have discovered that we truly offer something wonderful and unique to the modern commuter. A helmet that meets function in the everyday hustle and bustle of rush-hour travel.

A Message to The Modern Commuter,

At Smile Helmet, we offer you something that is an essential component to the creating of your happiness. Whether your source of happiness lies in your bike ride to work, or your weekend skate to the corner store, you shouldn’t have to compromise your style, so worry no more, we are here to enhance your Smile! We love to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave us a review or send us a message and we will always do our very best to keep you Smiling!
Your Smile is important to us!
The Smile Helmet Team