Your helmet is intended to reduce the harmful effects of a blow to the head. To do its job, this helmet must be worn correctly, fit accordingly, and fastened properly.  

Your helmet will not protect against injury in all types of accidents. Even while wearing a helmet, low speed accidents may result in serious head injury or death.

Because every accident scenario is different, it is impossible to know whether use of a helmet will provide partial or complete protection. Studies have shown that you are better off with a helmet than without one.

A bicycle helmet does not protect what it does not cover, and as noted it may not protect what it does cover. A bicycle helmet will not protect against injuries to the spine, neck, or face. 

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  • In the event of any impact or blow, do not use this helmet, as there may be damage invisible to you. In this event please contact Smile Support for more information on returning damaged helmets and warranty coverage options.

  • For maximum protection, this helmet must be fitted and attached properly to the wearer’s head in accordance with the following instructions. If after the adjustment the helmet does not fit properly, do not use the helmet. Return or exchange for the correct size.

  • Recreational biking

  • Skateboarding

  • Rollersblading

  • Scooter (Manual + Electric)

  • Recreational rental sporting (CityBike, Bird, Segway Tours, etc.)

  • Made of ABS resin , PU and genuine leather

  • This unisex bike helmet is made of a strong and resistant polycarbonate material and has a protective shell also made of polycarbonate. Expanded polystyrene foam helps to cushion the impact and protect the head in the event of an accident.

  • The lining is made of high-level warm fabric and with a high-density foam cushion layer

  • The helmet has a special aerodynamic and ventilation design that allows the air to pass through it, which helps increase speed and allows you to stay cool and comfortable

  • Right side up of course! :)

  • Good head circumference adjustment system.

  • The adjustment strap works perfectly and is well made. The helmet adapts to all head laps (from 56 to 62 cm). It is equipped with a padded chin strap and a one-step adjustment system.

All Smile helmets are available in standard adult sizing and kid sizes as well. Head sizing typically corresponds with age so when selecting your helmet please refer to age range suggestions to better the accuracy of your selection and fit.

  • Find a measuring tape something flexible like a phone charger against a ruler works great too!

  • Measure the circumference of your head, align your measuring tool just above the eyebrows

  • Find the correct size for you by comparing your measurements to our sizing range